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Earth Force (2013)

La Fuerza de La Tierra - La Formación de La Tierra
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Stelevision series, where each episode is an expedition through the remote landscapes that make up the Chilean natural laboratory. Accompanied by expert geologists and volcanologists, each trip becomes an adventure where the main questions that give life to Earth Sciences are resolved. Antarctica, Lonquimay, Putre, Valle del Elqui, Cajón del Maipo and Antofagasta have unique and ideal characteristics to undertake the great search for geothermal reservoirs, geological faults, mineral deposits, among other aspects that are part of the study of our Earth.

Duration: 6 Cap X 15´ Genre: Documentary Director: Julian Rosenblatt | Executive Producer: Pablo Rosenblatt | Screenplay: Julian Rosenblatt - Gerd Sielfeld Editor Scientist: Francisco Hervé | Direction of photographyfía: Andrés Lama | Journalistic investigation: María José Lizama - Carolina Gómez.

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