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Ruka's Fantastic Voyages (2018)

Ruka's Fantastic Voyages” is a fictional animated series for children ages 4 to 7. Chapter by chapter, together with our protagonists, he immerses us in a journey of entertaining and exciting adventures  in the fantastic and diverse underwater world. This series contributes to knowing and caring for this environment, generating a first approach to science. 

This video has been deleted.
  • Best TV Content at the Zinetxiki Zinemaldia International Festival, Spain 2018.

  • International Prix Jeunesse Finalist 2016.

  • Finalist Fan Chile 2015.

Duration: 13 Cap X 12´ Genre: Children's fiction | Technique: 2D animation Director: Julian Rosenblatt | Executive Producer: Pablo Rosenblatt | General Producer: Pablo Christiny |Screenplay: Lucila Las Heras Research: Daniela Miranda, Michelle RedónArt Director: John Leyton | Animation Director: Valechu Izamit Scientific Editors: Osvaldo Ulloa, Marcos Correa | Script and Production Advisor: Mariana Loterszpil | Art Consultant: Vivienne Barry

Los Fantasticos Viajes de Ruka 2018

This channel is coming soon!
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