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Tony Tonina's Scientific Recipe (2015)

Tony Tonina is the main chef of the Restaurant “Sabores Submarinos”. Passionate about cooking and discovering the mysteries of science, he is dedicated to cooking great preparations from his magical recipe book. For this, Tony has the help of his faithful team, made up of: Estelita, a curious and inquisitive starfish; Lala, a romantic and perfectionist lobster; Micro, the super incredible microwave that will help friends to get the unique, strange and unusual ingredients that the recipe book asks for. In this way Tony and his team, under the watchful eye of the grumpy sea lion owner of the Restaurant, Don Gritardo, will give life to this magical kitchen. Answering along the way the scientific questions that arise between the characters, chapter by chapter.

Duration: 10 Cap X 7´ Genre: Educational Animated | Technique: 2D animation, full Hd Executive Producer: Pablo Rosenblatt | General Producer: Julián Rosenblatt | Screenplay: Michelle Redón, Constanza Vallejos Scientific Editor: Bárbara Leniz Art Director: John Leyton | Animation Director: Tomás Hernández  |Pedagogical advisor: Tamara Luna

La Receta Científica de Tony Tonina: Seres vivos y no vivos
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